Foundations & Pits for Coil Processing, Fabrication and Industrial Construction Services, Fire and Homeland Security Trainers

Company History

In 1973, it started with one power saw, a wheelbarrow and a borrowed truck. Working out of his parents’ home John Rademacher started his own business called J. B. Rademacher Construction. He started by contracting and building spec homes. From the beginning he wanted to set a new standard of excellence for the construction industry. He strived for quality workmanship and competitive prices.

In 1977, John’s brother, Paul joined him in the business and they changed the name to Rademacher Brothers. During 1978 they obtained a franchise and license agreement from Davis caves and built earth homes using the tilt-up and poured in place concrete method. At this time they incorporated the company.

By 1981, John Rademacher recognized a need for knowledgeable, systematic methods in concrete construction. This interest lead to the involvement in the earth sheltered or “underground” building. This specialized construction demanded the pioneering of innovative technology for construction and waterproofing, the development of efficient systems that were cost effective, the ability to travel to distant job sites, as well as a philosophy that would assure the integrity of the application.

In 1982, Paul decided to go into church ministry and John bought out Paul’s share of the business and changed the name of the company to Rademacher Industrial Systems, Inc. It was also at this time that John bought the building that Rademacher Industrial currently operates out of, located at 940 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Farrell, PA.

Through 1990, RISI specialized in commercial and residential poured concrete walls and foundations, retaining walls, and heavy industrial work as well as reinforced concrete construction for earth sheltered industry.

As is often the case, economic and social conditions change, new alternative fuel sources and energy conservation techniques were incorporated into traditional residential construction. The market for underground residential and commercial construction dried up and Rademacher Industrial Systems was forced to look into other areas to provide work. Moving forward in 1990, Rademacher found an alternative fit for the companies skill set, expertise and focus - industrial foundations for process lines.

Rademacher Industrial Systems recognized a need for a specialized company that could mobilize anywhere in the country and build complicated reinforced foundations capable of supporting heavy machinery loads. To this end many prefabrication techniques were tested and incorporated into an evolving system. A system that Rademacher Industrial utilizes even today.

In 2014, Tom Linton joined the company, bringing with him more than 25-years of Industrial Construction & Steel Fabricating experience. He integrated his experience and expertise within Rademacher's industrial foundation construction business to form a new company: Rademacher Industrial, which is the business as it is today.

The Rademacher Industrial Philosophy

We strive to be a Trusted / Valuable resource, providing Industrial Construction Services, Metal Fabricating, Coil Processing Line Installations & Safety related services throughout all industries. Maintaining a consistent level of both production and profits within our efforts to share our experience, talents and work ethics with all of our customers in building strong relationships.